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A better approach to youth justice​

Young people in the youth justice system are some of the most vulnerable young people in our community. But despite high expenditure on corrective services, 80% of youth offenders return to detention within 12 months. 

The Youth Partnership Project is a better approach to youth justice, which focuses on identifying and supporting young people early, to prevent involvement with the criminal justice system.

Developed and tested over 6 years using place based collective impact, the YPP brings together state government agencies, local government, and the not-for-profit community sector. By working better together, we can improve outcomes for young people with complex needs through the planning and delivery of community services.

We believe if we get




 young people will thrive


Youth Partnership Project Sites

Armadale, WA
Gosnells, WA

Our Approach

Establishing Genuine
Place-Based Partnerships

The YPP Model intentionally focuses on building strong partnerships and a rich local understanding, enabling the solid foundation from which the partnership can make meaningful change.

Early & Collaborative Identification of Children At-Risk

To prevent youth crime before it happens, the YPP's Identification Process enables a cross-sector of agencies to focus on a specific group of young people who, without the right support, are likely to have contact with the justice system in future.

Focusing on Relationships

It is people who change people’s lives, not programs.
So the YPP makes sure to prioritise relationships and move at the speed of trust. We intentionally provide space to build positive, safe, and trusting relationships with the YPP Team, which means we can face challenges head on, together.

A Collaborative
Approach to Holistic Support


Because of our strong local partnerships, the YPP is able to  ensure children and their families are supported in a truly holistic way. Young people's lives are complex, not segmented, and our collaborative approach to support reflects this. 

Our Journey

Emerging from the South East Metropolitan Regional Managers Forum, the Youth Partnership Project's collective impact journey began in 2014. Since then, the YPP Backbone Organisation has mobilised ​the youth & community services sector to collaboratively develop a better approach to youth justice.  This approach was first tested, adapted and implemented during a 2018-2019 pilot, known locally as the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership. Since then, the model has been refined and is now being implemented in the Armadale District, with ongoing improvement and impact measurement as key priorities. 


Youth Partnership Project Publications

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Speak Out For Change

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