"Our mission is to bring together leaders from State Government agencies and the not-for-profit community sector to improve outcomes for all Western Australians through a genuine partnership in the policy, planning and delivery of community services in WA."

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The South East Corridor Youth Partnership Project (YPP) is an innovative two-year Collective Impact initiative focused on supporting the community's most vulnerable children and young people. The project aims to improve collaboration between state and federal agencies, non-government organisations, local governments and the community in delivering localised responses for at-risk young people in the South East Corridor (SEC) of Perth.

The history of the YPP began in 2012 when a Youth Working Group was formed and funded by the Department of the Attorney-General (DotAG) to address the anti-social and criminal behaviour of young people on the South East Metropolitan train line (the Armadale Train line)*. The Youth Working Group, with the assistance of Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), undertook an analysis of the current context of service delivery for young people in the SEC, which highlighted the lack of coordination and collaboration between services being a major contributing factor to the overall poor outcomes for youth intervention initiatives in the region.

In early 2013, the Youth Working Group in partnership with Save the Children WA submitted an application to the Department of Local Government and Communities' (DLGC) Social Innovation Fund, and was successful in securing funding for the South East Corridor Youth Partnership Project. Save the Children was appointed the 'backbone organisation' and is now providing leadership, strategic direction and administrative assistance to the YPP.

*For more information on this, please refer to the Save the Children report Identity on the Line, which can be found at www.youthpartnershipproject.org.au/identityontheline.


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Collaborative Action
Networks (CANS)

The YPP's Youth Collaborative Action Networks (or Youth CANs for short) are designed to provide an intentional space to build stronger relationships between local service providers, to ensure programs are complementary and mutually beneficial; whilst also reducing duplication and identifying where there are critical gaps. The Youth CANs also provide a platform for advocacy on community trends, systemic barriers to services provision and a clear avenue to voice key learnings to a strategic level.

Youth CANs are established for a geographical area, and formed from on-the-ground staff from local service providers.  Each Youth CAN begins by identifying and working towards key goals that can be collaboratively pursued by agencies at a local level, in addition to identifying areas in which they require advocacy or support from directors, regional management or government.  Most CANS meet bi-monthly, and are encouraged to develop collaborative activities or projects to respond to local needs of young people.

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